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Recent plays

*Note found in the comment box*
Sometimes I wonder if the Flame Champion goes out of his way to recruit the worst possible people to play parts in budehuc's plays. Well here's what happened (the parts that shouldn't have happened):

-The first play of the day was William Tell. Jacques with his seige weapon size of a crossbow nailed the apple and splattered it all over the stage (and on a few audience members as well). It didn't stop there. The arrow nailed on of the sand bags which caused one of the clouds in the background to drop. Gadget Z (as one of the spectators) commented, "The force is with you" and then bright tried commenting while spreading his wings (knocking over Gadget in the process).

-The second play was Romeo and Juliet. Martha played the part of Juliet while Jefferson played the part of Romeo. Jefferson couldn't get away from his obsession with 'titles' and frequently messed up the lies with phrases such as: "I climbed these walls to obtain a new title". Martha completely forgot her lines and tried to pick up on him. Most of the audience got up grumbling and left as soon as that started.

Nadir really needs to work harder with the cast to prevent another occurrence like the Romeo and Juliet one. Casting animals and allowing people to use siege weaponry in a play don't help either.
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