Deckard Magnus (jhedin) wrote in budehuc,
Deckard Magnus

Out of character...

I've noticed that this is a really nice role-play community, and I hate to take away from that spirit, but I feel you may all appreciate what I'm offering. I am currently creating a PHB (Player's Handbook) for a table-top, dice-based Suikoden RPG, a la Dungeons & Dragons. If anyone here is interested in this, visit my journal - I wrote an entry regarding it earlier tonight. Leave a comment in the entry and I'll get back to you with information and details and whatnot. Even if you're only remotely interested, check it out and comment to ask me some questions - I'll get back to you. If you think you'd enjoy role-playing in the Suikoverse with your own character(s), this is for you.

I apologize if it sounds like I'm advertising, but I think some of you might enjoy this, and I'm looking for participants. Now, you may resume roleplay, and I apologize again for disrupting the mood.
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