Estella, Sorceress Savior of the World (true_pale_gate) wrote in budehuc,
Estella, Sorceress Savior of the World


I have to admit that I'm pleased to join some of my compatriots here. It's always pleasing to return to one's home, no matter how quaint, after a long day-- although my apprentice Rody seems to be late as usual. Sometimes I worry about that boy; my training has benefitted him immensely, but I'm just not sure he has the magical talent to really compete in the world.
Many of you have already asked about my username, so I'll gladly explain. It is, of course, in honor of the True Rune with which I was recently entrusted by the lady Leknaat's own boss (I apologize for not giving the name, but it's strictly confidential). Although this account is new, I've been with livejournal very nearly since its conception, and learned quite a bit, so if any of you Budehuccers ever need help, I'll gladly provide.
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